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Finding Your Voice






Discover you. Realize what is within the boundary of control and empower yourself. Recognize, celebrate, utilize, and share your strengths.





Armed with a shield of pride from the journey you have survived, self-advocacy can begin. Advocacy for others can follow. 





Even the smallest fragment of hope can grow during the darkest day. Oppression takes many forms, but the battle cannot be won without finding your voice. If you look for something to be hopeful for, you will find it.




Awareness of the struggles you have endured invites pride. Overcoming any obstacle is not fun or easy. Being proud for doing your best can help heal.





Holding your head high, despite internal and external barriers, can combat the cycle of self-destruction. We are all worthy.






It takes courage to cope. It takes courage to overcome harsh judgement and adversity. It takes courage to end judgement of others. You and your experiences are unique to you, and it takes courage to obtain help. Everyone needs support, even the bravest.




Respect the pain, as it can teach. When judgement disappears, you will find more respect for yourself as well as for others and their own unique journey. Finding a meaning in life's challenges will provide clarity.  





With a shield of emotional wellness, you can protect yourself and strive towards serenity in life. If you believe, you can reach your potential. Never give up. Never give in.  





Recognition of the smallest of actions can motivate and empower others. Even a smile is a gift. The time has come to find purpose and truly Awaken your destinyTM

©2013 Teresa Jacobson, Awaken your destinyTM.